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RMTI Offers Courses to Become Certified Building Managers

Welcome to the Resident Managers' Training Institute (RMTI) a federal government certified educational institute.

RMTI has been offering courses and training individuals to operate Apartment & Condominium projects for more than 30 years and now have hundreds of graduates working in the industry. This occupation has many titles depending on where you reside in Canada.

It is referred to as

  • Apartment Manager
  • Resident Manager
  • Building Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Apartment Caretaker
  • Resident Caretaker
  • Building Manager
  • Building Caretaker
  • Condo Manager
  • Condo Caretaker
  • Condominium Manager
  • On-site Manager
  • Strata Building Manager
  • Townhouse Manager

The individuals doing these jobs all perform similar functions however, in some projects you may be required to perform duties that you are not required to perform in others. In Western Canada it is more common to hear the term "Resident Manager/Caretaker" and in Eastern Canada it is more common to hear the term "Superintendent". In all areas of Canada, the term "Building Manager or Superintendent" is heard quite often, and if you're goal is to become a building manager or superintendent of any type, we have the courses designed to certify you in this field.

To this end we offer both the CRM - Certified Resident Manager course and designation and certificate as well as CBS - Certified Building Superintendent course and designation and certificate. The course content assumes you are totally responsible for all functions of operating a large building and therefore covers the full range of duties. If you are considering employment in Western Canada we will issue you our CRM certificate and designation. If you wish to work in Eastern Canada we will issue you the CBS certificate and designation. However, it's your choice!

Here are the courses we offer at RMTI:


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