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References from Employers & Grads



We have filled the position for a Non-Resident Building Caretaker in False Creek Condo posted on the RMTI Job Link page. We can now take the posting down and thank you for posting it on your job boards as we found a great person through this avenue.
Philly Hovs, Station Place

I recently hired a RMTI graduate for a resident manager position in Vancouver. This is his first entry into building management, yet he has easily adapted to his new career, and is working well with tenants, contractors and management. Good building staff are hard to find, but I believe my recent hire will be a valuable long-term employee.    
David Pitts, Property Manager, Gateway Property Management Corporation

Seeking an honest, reliable Resident Building Manager for a newly constructed 120 unit luxury rental building located in Langford, BC.
The above has been filled by an RMTI recent graduate.
Stephen MacLean, Director of Property Management, The Molnar Group (Real Estate) Inc.

I am a council member of a prestigious strata community in Richmond, BC. We placed an advertisement for a building manager position with RMTI, we received quite a number of qualified RMTI graduates applied for the job and we have awarded the position to one of the applicants. Thank you very much for RMTI's assistance in helping us on searching for a successful candidate to fill our available position.
Danny Hui, Council member of Queen's gate Strata Community  

Thank you again. I have hired Maya due to the Resident Manager's course she has completed.
Please remove the employment ad from your web site. It was greatly appreciated.
Rosetta Toneguzzo

We have filled the position, thank you so very much.  It was through your link that we found a Manager.
Trevor Jones

Thank you for allowing us to post our job opportunity on your website. We believe that we have accomplished what we had set as our goal-to hire a couple with intelligence, adaptability, and willingness to learn and work within our requirements. We have hired graduates of your training program. They have now moved in and are well on their way to learning all there is to know about our particular condominium building. We trust that your program will still be there to help fulfill any of our future needs. We certainly appreciate this needed service. 
Georgina Lufkin, Westwind Estates Condominiums

Thank you for the job link service. Last Friday we hired one of the RMTI grads that responded to the ad so it is now appropriate to remove it from your site.
Mark Brewster, Canadian Mortgage Strategies & Investments (Pacific)

Amethyst Holdings Ltd. is a small family held management and development company with operations in British Columbia and Manitoba.  Along with managing our own rental residential buildings we develop small to medium properties.  We have had several occassions where we hired RMTI graduates with great success. In one instance, after gaining experience with us for 2 and one half years, a new graduate from RMTI went on to manage a large housing project in Romania.  A second employee went from managing 2 small apartments in Vancouver to managing 244 suites in Winnipeg. We are pleased with our experience with your graduates and look forward to working with more qualified graduates from RMTI.
Mauro Conzatti, President, Amethhyst Holdings Ltd.

We have successfully engaged an applicant we received through your service and he will begin duties in a few weeks. The results from the ad with RMTI were quite impressive, and we will definitely use your service in the future should the need arise. 
Bob Knott, Sandpiper Strata Secretary

Thank you for the follow up to our ad placement with you.
The position has been filled and the successful candidate does hold your accreditation,
it was one of our most important criteria.
Thank you again for your service
Sincerely, Marini Projects Management

Position filled. We found someone who was qualified thru the advertisement on your website. Wow, we greatly appreciate your assistance. 
Sincerely, Scott Stroshin  

We appreciate your assistance to post the position on your RMTI site.
I was successful in July 2007 to hire one of your graduates. Thank you!
Hope we are able to be successful again for this other property.
Regards, Dave - C21 Strata Management

Last week I phoned and sent an e-mail regarding a hiring an apartment manager for one of our buildings. I was very impressed with the quality of the responses from your students,
and wish to thank you for posting our notice. I would like to contact you again as the
need arises. Thank you for your help.
Hanay Nassim, Stuart Nassim Developments Ltd.

This letter is to confirm that our company has recruited numerous graduates of the RMTI course over the past 25 years. I recommend the RMTI course to those individuals who have no previous experience managing rental and/or strata buildings. Consideration is always given to RMTI graduates when recruiting for our clients.
Colleen Noyes, Senior Personnel Consultant

I posted an advertisement for a Resident Manager on your web site as well as in the newspaper of our city and the ones surrounding it. We received an excellent response to the advertisement with you, much better than from the newspaper. Your personnel have been friendly and helpful, thank you RMTI for offering your JOB LINK service.
Marion VanderWel,
Property Manager,
J & J Properties

The position has been filled. Thanks again for providing this service – we have found the quality of applicants to be more attuned to what the industry is all about.
Peggy Warren
Ratzlaff Development Corporation


Thank you so much. It was a great experience doing the course and you have your own time to do it. The course material is definitely a huge help. Kelly is amazing and very helpful.
Best Regards, Joanna Zurbito

I really thought the whole process was well organized and easy to follow. I really appreciated the help I received. The course is full of information I know I will use on a regular basis. I learned so much. I could not have asked for more, thank you!
Jackie Fredsberg

By all means, use this testimonial to indicate how beneficial, may I say necessary, this RMTI course is. A career in office & personnel management only prepared me insofar as to how I personally relate to people. Not a stitch beyond that. That is why the RMTI course was/is so valuable. A student is able to gain insight into the workings of the RTB & the Act, not to mention just regular legal requirements/demands of the position. Something you don't find just on any web site (nor YouTube!). All interviewers were happy that I had taken the course & therefore found their position vacancies on the extended RMTI web site. (Me too!). These openings were located from downtown Vancouver all the way out to Chilliwack. In short, thank you. I've definitely started a new chapter in this book of life. Impossible without RMTI.
Regards, Al Toews

I began my journey in building management almost 10 years ago. RMTI posted an ad in the local paper that spoke to me. I was at a crossroads in my career at the time and needed a change. I immediately envisioned myself doing well in this industry and decided to take the RMTI certified course. Two months after graduating I landed my first job. During my initial telephone interview, my future boss had mentioned "I stood out among applicants due to having been certified with RMTI and set-up a meeting the following day".

Fast forward almost 10 years, and I’m still loving this very challenging diverse business. Highly recommend this course, some of the largest companies across Canada recognize the RMTI - Residents Managers Training Institute, it will give you a clear advantage and put you directly on top of the resume pile. Good luck!
Paul Heron

I am excited to inform you that I just got a job as Resident Manager. I believe God used my training and certification acquired from RMTI was predominant to my success.I want to say a big thank you. I am referring my other friends already about the course. I am happy to have studied at RMTI.
Regards, Olajide Theophilus

Another happy RMTI graduate! For me your course materials were extremely helpful as I have been working as a Resident Manager while completing the course.  I especially found the General Complex Care valuable, it gave us the answers to all our questions about how to take care of our building. That being said, every chapter in the manual is full of relevant, accurate, helpful information that you would only otherwise gain through YEARS of experience so I thank you!
Sincerely, Kelly Maple

Thank you Kelly, I could not have found a better fit and I am thrilled that the time has come for me to be hired on as a caretaker. I’m sure the RMTI course that I completed had a significant hand in me acquiring this employment.
Deborah, CRM Grad

First of all, I just want to say thank you so much, you may not remember me but I started my journey to property management at RMTI back in July 2009. I have worked as Resident Building Manager for 2 years and over 7 years as Property Manager. Please be advised that I have started my own rental property management company.
Albert Langbid, CPM® Director, Property Management, Real Property Management Signature

I took RMTI online course and I got the job in West Vancouver of Assistant Building Manager of 185 unit apartment. I worked in Prospero International Realty management. It was amazing.
I do love the job! Flexibility and more time to my son!!
All the best,
Myda Hilaga

My wife and I just wanted to give a big thank you to RMTI for helping us get an awesome new building position and give a really big thank you to Kelly Doyle, RMTI’s recruiting agent. Kelly really helped us through out the entire interview process with the building owner and landing us our new position as an Assistant Manager couple for a 150 suite rental building next to Stanley park with an awesome pay and benefits. Many buildings really want their new managers to have the RMTI course and this is why we took the RMTI course and the RMTI pool course 15 years ago as this has really helped us land awesome buildings through out our building managing career. We 100 percent recommend the RMTI course to anyone looking to have an exciting career as a resident building manager as the RMTI course will open many doors for you in this industry. Best Regards
Chris & Jackie Latval

After completing the course with you I have landed a job in North Van as a Resident Manager so thank you very much.

I have been working for the past NINE years as a Resident Manager. The course has been a vital resource and has provided me with practical skills. It continues to play a significant role in my ongoing development and experience. I would highly recommend RMTI to fellow managers and
anyone considering a career in this field.
Y. Su 

I'm a grad of RMTI and I got my first 2 positions through the Job Link Page. I'm currently managing an 88-unit building and I am hiring an Assistant Manager to help me with day to day operations and provide weekend and vacation relief duties. Even though I graduated more than 15 years ago, I appreciate the ongoing support in job searches.
Jerry, Building Manager

Joanne and I both graduated from the CRM, and I also graduated from the CSPO course(s).
About 3 months we were hired as a manager couple to the management team. A few years later we delved into the Independent Retirement Living business in Alberta and later on managed the new student residences at The U of S in Saskatoon. If you are looking at becoming involved in building / property management we strongly recommend taking the course(s) RMTI offers. Our first job (at Langara Gardens in Vancouver) was a direct result of being graduates and being able to access the job postings on the RMTI site. The course(s) are definitely a solid investment in your future employment plans, and the net result to our being hired in various positions in residential building management. Yes this is a long story - just to emphasize the importance of taking the course(s).
Fred & Joan Alexander

My wife Ann and I have landed a position as Buiding Superintendent Couple. We are starting on Novenber 1st and the building in Guelph Ontario has 101 units. Thanks for the support and appreciated your advice.
Mike & Ann Robichaud 

I have been employed by a number of apartment buildings after completing both your courses. The training you provided has helped greatly and I would highly recommend the courses for anyone contemplating a career in the field.
Randall S. Rintoul, Hamilton, Ontario

For your information I found job long time ago and I can tell you this certificate is very much appreciated everywhere. My next goal is to get certificate for your pool course.Thank you very much for your help and I wish you all the best in the future.
Dragan Sabanac

Hi this is Mario Menta I am sending this email to let you know how your course has helped me to aquire this job. If it wasn't for the course that I did from your school I don't think I would have got the job. It was very helpful to me with all the knowledge from my past construction history.
I think that it was the catalyst that put it all together for me to get this job.
Truly, Mario Menta

Certified Resident Manager Training from RMTI is training I refer my clients to that are interested in becoming residential building managers/caretakers. From a career counselling perspective this training is accessible to all types of learning styles.  The study manual, chronological study questions and multiple choice exams all support achieving success. The course content is well laid out, comprehensive, and contains up-to-date information relevant to working as a CRM. The course work can be completed online so the learner can work at his or her own pace. There is no costly travel or accommodations required for students. The training institute offers immediate support via telephone and email to students.  There is valuable follow up for the student that includes resume support, job search strategies and valuable industry networks. Most importantly, the certification is industry recognized and valued by employers (my client was employed right after finishing the training!)
Janice M. Nielsen
Vocational Counsellor, RRP, CCDP
INEO Employment Services
Port Alberni, BC Canada

First of all thank you. RMTI has helped me put my foot into the world of property management 10 years ago and it continues. Because I graduated from RMTI course I had opportunities to work for government owned buildings and houses as well as privately owned. And now I am going to work for the best North Vancouver has to offer.
Maya Sljivo

It was an excellent course. We used the Job Link connection on the RMTI site exclusively and went through the postings regularly.  There were a number of opportunities but it was important that the fit be right. Our present employer  asked when we'd completed the course so it was obviously important to him that we'd taken the RMTI course.  My wife and I are managing a complex in the Marpole area of Vancouver. It was exactly the size of project and the location we were looking for.
David and Margaret Horvath

My husband and I graduated from RMTI and have been employed in the same building for the last 8 years.
Rozalia Barliga

My wife and I took the RMTI course on line while working overseas. It was easy to complete the course in the time frame alloted and the staff at RMTI were very helpful with advise. When we returned to Canada we applied to many places advertised on the RMTI job site, and were shortly accepted for the position which appealed to us the most. Our new employers were attracted by our education and success with the course.
Roger Cristofoli

Thanks for this valuable course. I have been managing a 59 unit apartment building in Duncan B.C. the information from this course has been very necessary to do my job well. This job is a challenge but equally rewarding. Thanks a lot, I plan on taking your swimming pool operators course soon.
Thanks again, 
Jim Reif

Thank you, that was a wonderful course and the information came so useful as I am since hired as an Assistant Manager, My manager had to leave country for a month and I was left in charge, everything I learned in your course was applicable in every situation. I would and will refer anyone who is interested to do this course to contact you.
A.Linda Huovinen

Just a short note to let you know that  2 months after graduating from the Resident Managers' course, , I found a job as the Building Manager of a brand new 71 suite apartment building here in Lake Country, just north of Kelowna, BC. I want to let you know that without the Certficate, I would not have gotten the job. Thats how POWERFUL the RMTI course is. So thank you Steve for all your assistance, and I'll certainly reccomend this course to others who wish to have a career as a Resident Manager.
Ron Homma

We both wanted to say thank you for such a great course. Before we finished the course we went to three interviews and were offered all three positions. The course gave us the confidence to wait for the right proposal and how to identify the right fit. The Strata Council & the Property Management company were so excited that we chose them. We are now living our dream by the ocean in Port Moody at a condominium building with 150 units. We have a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with a huge patio, 5 appliances in a beautifully appointed Polygon building. We are steps from the ocean in an idyllic and interesting mix of urban and rural setting with tons of parks, lakes and trails. Our job allows us to stay out of the daily commute, we get lots of time to work on writing and painting as we are both artists and writers. The pay is excellent and we can finally afford to get married!
Peter Hilborne & Patricia (Vinoly) Webb

Hi Steve I got a job as Resident Manager in Marpole area Vancouver. This is a 40 unit apartment and starting in May 1st 2010. This was possible only due to my RMTI course thank you for your help.
Daran Nair                                                                                              

We have completed the certified resident manager certificate course. Through your Job Hot Line we found employment with Holiday Retirement Residence, a seniors residence with 114 suites, in Victoria.
Rodney W. LaLiberte and Elizabeth Bunka

Thank you so much. I have learned a lot from your course CRM. I worked during the day and I did the course at home every night. It's very easy to understand. I got a great job within a week after I finished the course. Taking the CRM course at RMTI was the best decision I have made. Thanks Steve and to your staff.
Albert Langbid

I throughly enjoyed the RMTI course. The Course was challenging, however, I like a challenge, and assumed the attitude it would be fun, and it was fun! What I learned throughout the Course is invaluable. Your Job Link job site is fantastic. Once again this was a terrific opportunity to further educate myself in this field. I will highly recommend your Institute.
Linda Vael

I appreciate your assistance along the way Steve. Instructions are very easy to follow with your program so I’m glad I didn’t have to trouble. I have already been offered a job in Victoria so I’m happy to have the information I learned through this program to enable me to do the best job I can. 
Kimberly Mann

Just shortly after graduating from RMTI, I was able to secure a fabulous position with Maple Leaf Self Storage, as Resident Manager.  I also was lucky that this included a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, suite which includes 5 appliances and is brand new.  When I first did my research on your company to take the Certified Residential Mangers Course, I was diligent in ensuring that my money was going to a reputable company and that I would get the training that I knew I needed to get a good job.  Not only did I get my money's worth, I got much more than that.  The course is recognized, and I know that it helped me to secure my position.
From the moment I signed up, help was just an email away!  I always felt that the support of the staff, and yourself helped to meet my goals.  To really make sure I got the proper training to secure the best job, I decided to take the Certified Pool Operators course as well, and even though I will not be using it at this job, I'm sure that some day down the road when I decide that I wish to take a position as a Resident Manager in a Condo/Apartment, it will come in handy.
Thank you again.  I know I asked so many questions at the beginning, especially about my age and whether this would be against me in taking this course, I found the opposite to be true and here I am, a woman in her 50's beginning another career in her life!  I'm excited and can't wait to start.  Everyone that I've met with Maple Leaf Storage, especially Tracy has been so kind and I know they will be a wonderful company to work for.
Nancy Nicholls

The course was very educational. I received a job for 50 condo's in Mount Washington, Nanaimo. How lucky can a guy get! Happy New Year!
Dayle Weberg

I would like to personally thank Mr. Steve Munday and all the RMTI staff for their help and guidance throughout the RMTI course. After completing and graduating from RMTI, I was interviewed along with four other applicants for the position of resident manager for a prominent high rise complex. My wife and I were awarded the position,hands down with a unanimous vote from council, as they were impressed with our qualifications and knowledge that we gained through taking your RMTI course. I would strongly recomend to anyone wanting to enter this field to enrole in the RMTI course, as the information you will recieve is invaluable and very easy to understand. Exciting new opportunities have presented themselves to us in the past week, and we could'nt be happier.
Thanks again !
Dave & Sharron Fox

This course is very convenient to learn because it can be done from home and it helps to find a desirable job quickly. Before I took the course I was trying to find a job but no success and no one paid any attention to my CV. After finishing the course I got my dream job. I am very happy and I recommend this as one of the best courses.
F. Nadis

Dear Mr. Munday my husband and I recently completed the RMTI course which we found to be a well written course with easy lessons to follow. My husband also completed your Swimming Pool Operators course. You and your staff were very helpful and answered any questions quickly. During our interviews we found the people requiring New Superintendents were very impressed with the scope of the material covered and this gave us the choice as to which job we really wanted. We are about to take on a position at a high-end Condo position receiving double our current wages and extra benefits. We recommend that anyone in this business should take this course regardless of years of experience. Thank you again for all your help.
Ken & Lucille Robinson

Thank you for everything! I am so glad I took both your courses. They helped me in many ways and it gave me a lot more confidence. I found a really great job in a strata project that has a clubhouse, pool, hot tub, floor hockey rink, two guest suites, media room, party room, reading room and also has a kid’s party room and pool table room. If you are ever in the area please drop by.
Penny Cote

Just a quick note to let you know I have already found a good job from your JOB LINK web site page. It was the 68 suite condominium project. It is a great building in a beautiful location. I only finished the course just over 2 weeks ago to be exact and already I have a great job in the industry. As I mentioned to you when I first came in to register for the course, I had been to a number of interviews but had not been successful and the companies I interviewed with all told me, “you should take the RMTI course” so I did. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your school and the course to anyone looking for a new career in this industry! I am looking forward to starting my new position!
Radu Sima

My first job after graduating was for 2 apartment buildings. I have now moved up and am the Manager of a 90 unit Condo complex, have a great 3 bedroom townhouse with a fenced back yard for my 2 little dogs (they love it too) and office equipment supplied by the company which includes a regular Courier every week, even my paycheck gets couriered to me. Thanks to RMTI; couldn’t have done it without you. I think that’s pretty good for just 5 months after graduating.
Jan L.indstoom

I took the RMTI course as well as the Swimming Pool course. I already had six interviews for jobs in buildings ranging from 60 suites to 250 suites. The companies were very impressed with my qualifications and I got three job offers. Finally I choose a 194 suite building. I would like to thank you for providing me with this opportunity.
Alex Yuen

We took the RMTI and CSPO courses and are thankful we did. We got a job managing a 216 suite high rise. Anyone who wishes to become a Resident Manager should take this course.
Arturo Neyra & Nila Nesterenko

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all your assistance during and after the completion of the RMTI course. We found it to be a very informative and in depth source of information, so much so that the manual is now a permanent fixture in our new office. We recently commenced our new position as Resident Managers at a large senior’s complex. The building is a 15 - storey structure with 188 suites. There is a lot of hustle and bustle around here as we have many activities for our tenants but we love every minute of our new career. The certificate program is invaluable to anyone desiring to enter into this line of employment and we would highly recommend your program and Institute to anyone wishing to do so.
Pamela & John Simpson

Wayne and I graduated from RMTI in 1997 and have been employed in the same building ever since. During that time we have continued on with education relevant to the industry. With the ever changing tenancy issues, health and safety standards, updated fire code and earthquake preparedness, education must be a ongoing part of our responsibilities. The RMTI course is the best way to learn about the industry and it’s affordable!
Sheila and Wayne Coulbourn

I applied for a job in January and I told the company I was taking the RMTI course and they hired me while I was taking it. I found the manual very helpful. Thank you very much and I’m now very interested in taking the Pool course. I’ll send in my application form next week.
Brenda Oram

I took the RMTI course after I was laid off. My current employer only wanted an RMTI graduate and I was lucky to be first in line.  I really enjoy the job, something different every day. I have a very nice apartment, good tenants, a good boss, and I don't have to travel to work!  I would recommend the course to everyone who enjoys flexibility and working with a variety of people.
Roger Soley

You have provided so many opportunities to both new graduates, seasoned vets and employers. All the best in the future. We are so happy in our new position!
Larry Ward


Construction boom spurs demand for building managers

Competitive salaries and discounts on monthly rent are among job's attractions!
Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun

The Lower Mainland's construction boom is creating a boom of another kind for people seeking careers as resident managers in condominium and apartment buildings.
"Everywhere you look there are buildings going up, whether they're three-level buildings or highrises," Steve Munday, registrar of the Resident Managers' Training Institute, said in an interview. "There are more jobs now in the industry than there have ever been."

Munday said the RMTI trains about 125 resident managers each year through its 120 hour program delivered either online or by the mail in version. It costs $990 plus the text book. Most students are in BC, but there are an increasing number from across Canada and other parts of the world. New immigrants are also showing keen interest, according to Munday. He said the profession attracts people of all ages largely because benefits include competitive salaries and discounts on monthly rent.

"A single person can make between $1,000 and $4,000 a month, while a couple in larger buildings that need two full-time people can make up to $6,000 per month. The benefits are based on the type of building." He said managers get a suite discount from 30 per cent up to 90 per cent of market value. "Some people are paying $800 in a suite that normally rents for $3,000 to $4,000 per month. And they get free parking, hydro, cable and and phone. "They're there to make sure the building is run on a day-to-day basis."

According to Munday, the old image of "Ma and Pa" managing a building for free no longer stands. Today, with millions of dollars invested in buildings, owners, investors, condominium councils and management companies seek out professionally trained managers to operate them. Wages are paid based on the number of suites, with managers often getting health and pension benefits along with their financial benefits.

Once training is complete, students receive a certificate, along with access to posted jobs on the school's job link. According to an RMTI news release, students receive extensive training in managing buildings, including advertising and marketing procedures, suite leasing, rent collections, security deposit procedures, tenant relations and the proper way to serve legal notices.

Students also study residential tenancy law, including the latest legislation. Managers, who are trained in fire safety codes, regulations and equipment, also perform minor repairs, do general maintenance and perform janitorial functions.

Reed Fromin, 51, manages a 26-storey, 150-unit apartment building across from Stanley Park after working in the hotel industry for 20 years. He decided to reinvent himself after he lost his hotel job and now works with his partner Josanne Levan. He landed a job less than a month after he finished the resident managers course. "We were assistant managers for two years," Fromin said in an interview. "[We] became managers at the end of May. There are four people employed here. It's a big building. I wish I would have done this 10, 15 years ago. We absolutely love it. I'll retire here. I'm not going anywhere. When you find something good like this, there's absolutely no reason to leave. "We had the spirit of service. You're helping make people's experience here enjoyable. It's the same thing [as hotels]."

Fromin praised the benefits, which include competitive salaries of about $36,000 a year for each of them, extended medical benefits and a reduced rent for a two-bedroom apartment. "We pay about $505 in total. A two-bedroom suite in this building typically starts in the $1,200s. "We get parking. Everybody gets free cable and we pay our own hydro and telephone. We work five days a week. Because there are two couples, it's easier to facilitate getting days off." Fromin said his work day ends at 4 p.m., [but] "people come in the morning, noon and night, except for the weekend."

"We handle all the rentals, maintenance requests. Anything not too involved I do myself. Anything more involved, the maintenance is done by the owners. Most of the cleaning is done by the assistant managers." Fromin said he was happy with the RMTI program, adding that the course outline also includes minor maintenance issues, such as "how to change a fill valve in a toilet. "I found the program useful. It gave us a good idea of what to expect. By the end, you know if it's something you want to pursue."

John Simpson, who manages a 188-suite senior's complex in Burnaby with wife Pamela, received his certification through RMTI and found work quickly as a resident manager. The 64-year-old Simpson, who retired from a sales job but wanted to keep working, said in an interview that he was very happy with the program and is pleased with his new job. "We looked at 36 different buildings," said Simpson, who eventually settled on the Salishan Senior's Apartment. "It's something we could do after 65 and I couldn't afford to retire full time."Simpson said he and wife Pamela work full time, five days a week and get two weeks vacation a year. Besides getting free rent in a "nice one-bedroom apartment," they're paid about $4,000 a month "with all amenities."

Simpson takes care of maintenance issues and hires contractors for major jobs, while Pamela takes care of the office and bookkeeping duties. "I love it," he said. "I love the people. There's such a mixture."

Munday said the Simpsons and Fromin aren't unusual in finding work quickly. "One guy had six interviews and four job offers two weeks after graduating."


The following article was published in THE APARTMENT INVESTOR.


Fully trained, motivated on site personnel who are up to date with industry trends and new developments are essential to protecting your assets.

Staying competitive is the key to a good return on your investment. Trained on site personnel bring direct benefits to your business and to your building. Trained personnel may make the difference between a profit and a loss on your investment. No matter what type of industry you are in, properly trained personnel have a positive effect on performance and a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Recognized training, continually reviewed and updated by industry professionals, keeps your business up-to-date with the latest industry developments and new laws as they are introduced. What would happen if your on site representative served a notice of eviction on a bad tenant and the notice was incorrect? You might end up with that tenant for another couple of months which could cost you even more money. It could also cost you by losing good tenants.

On site personnel who manage your multi-million dollar investment

As an owner or property manager of a multi-million dollar investment, you need your on site personnel fully trained in all aspects of the day to day operation of your building. Thousands of buildings across Canada are in need of trained on site personnel. Combine the need in the existing buildings with the hundreds of new buildings going up and you will quickly discover it is getting harder and harder to find trained individuals qualified to operate your building.

Don’t fall into the trap of hiring an unqualified individual just because the number of qualified applicants applying to you is limited these days. You may get them a little cheaper but they will end up costing you in the long run. Learning the job on the job is a great opportunity for the employee but there is definitely no benefit for you!

We asked industry professionals about the advantages of hiring an individual who has completed an industry (and government licenced)recognized course. The most popular answer from employers was attitude.

Employers look for the right attitude Jack Stratton, an owner of apartment said, “The people I hired from the RMTI (Resident Managers’ Training Institute) course display a positive frame of mind; they came to my building with all the knowledge necessary, but were flexible enough to fit into my system and ways of doing things, no pre-conceived ideas or bad habits.”

According to property manager Scott Reid, “Our industry is inundated with people who think they can run buildings who only see the superficial duties and do not understand most of the underlying factors that make for a good, well-run building. The RMTI course brings these underlying factors to the surface so that new people in the field are aware of what is expected of them. When hiring new people the RMTI certificate is given a positive consideration.”

For 27 years, RMTI has assisted hundreds of building owners and property management companies hire trained on site personnel for their many projects.

The RMTI certificate is recognized coast to coast by thousands of employers. In fact, some employers will only hire certified individuals. The RMTI Job Link page and some classified ads often stipulate “RMTI grad preferred” or “RMTI certificate required”.

Grad skills
RMTI graduates come to you with the knowledge and training to do the job properly. They have all the skills necessary to fit into your way of running your building. They are conversant with advertising and marketing procedures, suite leasing, rent collections and are trained in verifying application form information, security deposits procedures, tenant relations, and the proper serving of legal notices. They are trained in residential tenancy law and up to date on current legislation as well as knowing who is responsible for repairs and maintenance. They are familiar with all the different types of forms used in managing a project and will be able to adapt to your particular forms and procedures. They know how to perform minor repairs, do general maintenance and perform janitorial functions. They are familiar with fire safety codes, regulations and equipment as well as being up to date on WHMIS and general complex care.

RMTI course material is updated regularly by industry professionals.
Many owners and property management companies have put their on site personnel through the course over the years and have been extremely happy with the improved job performance, skills and knowledge their personnel have achieved. In fact, some owners have enrolled in the course themselves.

Place your job ad/s on our JOB LINK page — FREE!
If you are looking for RMTI grads, RMTI offers you a free service that allows you to place your employment opportunities on its Job Link page for free. If you hire an RMTI graduate through this free service all we ask is that that you let us know.

With many page visits a month the  web site is attracting lots of industry attention so there is a good chance you will get several trained, qualified applicants. Some of them will even have industry experience if they completed the course some time ago and have been working in the industry. Right now there are more than 100 positions advertised across Canada. If you would like to place your employment opportunity onto our JOB LINK page just email the details to and we will do the rest.

Building owner Abdul Jiwan has hired four RMTI graduates over the past few years and says, “We have a preference for hiring those who have their RMTI course. The course qualifications are exactly the ones we look for in our on site staff!”

Property manager Dave Brown prefers to hire RMTI grads without previous experience because “they come to the industry with a fresh outlook. The ones I have hired in the past have worked out well.”

Zahra Investments’ Mr. Mohamedani also looks for our grads. “Our present employees have taken the RMTI course and as a result are providing the best services. Our vacancy rate is low and the tenants are satisfied.”

The course can be taken online.




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